25 Jul 2011


Oh Greerton. You used to be so innocent. With afternoons of rollerblading down to the $2.00 shop to spend our hard earned 'bribery' money, gazing at the pet shop wondering how to hide that fluffy ginger kitten under your school jersey so mum wouldn't notice, and getting the neighbours dad a packet of smokes for his afternoon tea - life was so simple.


Then I moved away and you were obviously distraught. I returned 5 years later to find you cold, unwelcoming, and...changed. What happened to us?
But these past few weeks I've uncovered a slab of magic in the form of a secret piece of France, anchored on Chadwick Road. A little creperie (said to be Tauranga's first) by the proud name of "Le Chat Noir" - (the black cat), recently seduced me inside for brunch, and what I found was quite damn good...
Blatantly poached from https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Le-Chat-Noir/149229935090975

My sweet tooth devil ordered before my logical side could counteract.
Raspberry cake with chunks of chocolate, and yes, that dark chocolate tart as well, s'il vous plaƮt.
If rich, deep chocolate, with a well complimenting base and smooth creamy texture is your idea of heaven - then back off buddy. There's only room for one of us here.
I sat there making inappropiate but positive table noises, which sounded like a cross between a baby bear and a hippo. And I loved every minute of it.

The raspberry cake, had a good amount of berries, and the chocolate chunks were enjoyable if not a tad spearse. However sitting pretty alongside the choc tart, could not compare.

Le Chat Noir's interior is classic chic, with a large rustic blackboard menu, and comfortable seating. Outside at their little tables and chairs, I felt like I should have a baguette under one arm and a long ciggarette in my mouth to fit in with the charm of the place. I also hear they do something very fresh - live music on the weekends. Cue: Swoon!

Service was good, and the owner while on first impressions looks like he could snap your neck in two, has a bucketload of charisma - just what the doctor ordered for Greerton.

  • Mon – Wed 7.30am – 4pm
  • Thurs & Fri 7.30am – late
  • Sat 9am – late
  • Sun 10am – 4pm

This 'slinky malinki' will be prowling around for a while yet - and the timing couldn't be better.


  1. Oh yes Greerton is magnifique! I'm sure you won't find all us retailers 'cold' lots of laughs to be had at the card n lotto shop on Cameron Rd. glad you warmed yo Freddie - he is rather special :)

  2. Thank you for your comment - Greerton Card & Lotto shop, here I come!